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Focus Consultancy is the educational advisory arm of the company Fenton and Associates Ltd which is owned by Christine and Michael Fenton.

christineDr Christine Fenton is the lead consultant for Focus Consultancy and has served the tertiary education sector for 18 years. She has had many roles from teacher and mentor to contract scientist, as well as senior executive roles in the Tertiary sector including General Manager,  Head of Faculty, and Executive Director.
She is a highly motivated, experienced and focused senior executive with excellent evaluation and analysis skills.  Christine is innovative and critical as well as being approachable and able to bring out the best from people.
In terms of her philosophy she combines coaching with vision, working towards identifying and using peoples strengths.

Christine specialises in educational leadership, curriculum design and approvals, as well as academic systems including quality assurance policies and procedures.

She has expert knowledge of Tertiary Education Commission and NZQA reporting, programme approval and auditing requirements. Christine also has expert knowledge and experience of preparing for External Evaluation and Review (EER) events, with a number of clients successfully achieving EER category 1 status.

For more information see Publications or visit Linkedin

michaelMichael Fenton is a scientist, multiple-award-winning educator, public speaker and highly regarded lecturer, with a focus on quality teaching at a national and international level.

Michael has taught and is skilled in all areas of science and mathematics, as well as robotics and game design. He is a digital technology specialist familiar with teaching Computational Thinking and coding, as well as a curriculum designer with plenty of experience in instructional design for face-to-face and online learning by distance.  Michael is known throughout New Zealand for leading teacher professional learning and development in Science and Mathematics teaching.

Michael and Christine were finalists in the 2015 Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards - Excellence in Leading category.  The Open Polytechnic Primary Science Teaching and Primary Mathematics Teaching qualifications are taught by this husband and wife team. Michael took a lead role in the design of the programmes, design of the courses and wrote most of the content.

National List MP Chris Bishop said "I’ve been privileged to visit the Open Polytechnic to see their online science and maths teaching courses first hand, and I know how impressive they are. The best thing is that the programme enables teachers to study while working, allowing teachers to put what they learn online into practice almost immediately."

Michael continues to build and invent his own amateur science equipment and robotics systems. In recent presentations Michael challenges some of the extraordinary claims being made about the benefits of digital technology and the Maker culture, wondering if 'celebrity' presenters are distracting teachers from designing engaging and authentic learning opportunities in science and mathemtics.
Michael has also worked with a number of organisations to write and deliver workshops exploring assessment, moderation, differentiated learning, authentic science and mathematics teaching strategies as well as the appropriate use of digital technologies and eLearning. He has supported organisations with their applications for MBIE "Unlocking Curious Minds" contestable funds, provided feedback to the draft Digital Technology curriculum and supported teachers implementing change in schools as part of the Science Teaching Leadership programme on behalf of the Royal Society.

For more information see Publications or visit Linkedin
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